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DAXXIFY®: A Longer-Lasting BOTOX® Cosmetic Alternative

Few things have disrupted the world of minimally invasive aesthetic treatments like neuromodulators. Since the FDA approved BOTOX Cosmetic in 2002, it’s been changing the way we age, allowing people to ease frown lines, smooth forehead furrows, and look their best at every stage of life. Other anti-wrinkle injectables have hit the market since, but none have

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Best Injectable Treatments for Improved Appearance

If you want younger-looking skin without the downtime associated with invasive procedures, injectable treatments could be the perfect option for you. At Lasky Skin Center, our team of highly skilled nurse practitioners specialize in delivering incredible aesthetic results with non-surgical facial treatments. These injectables could enhance your appearance without putting a pause on your busy

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Is getting Sculptra® painful?

If you are interested in combating the signs of aging and are looking into cosmetic injectables at the Lasky Skin Center, you may want to consider the advantages of certain injections, such as Sculptra®. Our team in Beverly Hills, CA, educate patients on how dermal fillers, collagen stimulators, and neuromodulators work at reducing the signs

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