Dr. William Kwan

Dr. William Kwan

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Dr. Kwan received a B.S. in biology from UCLA, magna cum laude, and completed his medical training at USC. He executed an internship at the University of Rochester Medical Center and returned to Los Angeles for a residency at UCLA. He became the Chief Resident of dermatology at King/Drew Medical Center in Los Angeles. He then opened his own practice in San Francisco, California, which he successfully ran for many years before moving to southern California to be closer to his family.


Dr. Kwan is a prominent board-certified dermatologist, practicing both medical and cosmetic dermatology in Beverly Hills. Dr. Kwan combines sophisticated technology with a commitment to the highest standards of patient care. He is among the nation's leading practitioners of laser skin procedures and offers a full range of services to help each patient achieve healthy, beautiful skin.

I grew up as a minority in a neighborhood and a time when what was portrayed as aesthetically desirable was not possible for me to achieve. When I became a dermatologist, I made it my mission to help people of all skin types feel confident about their reflection in the mirror and help highlight the things that make them uniquely beautiful. I’m proud to advocate for a society which encourages everyone to “Be Your Own Beautiful.” - Dr. William Kwan

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