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The Best Facial Injectables for Younger-Looking Skin

Fine lines, wrinkles, laxity, and volume loss are normal as we age, but few of us are thrilled when we notice these common issues in the mirror. Fortunately, injectables make it easier than ever to age with style. 

The experienced providers at Lasky Skin Center, our board-certified dermatologist regularly use these minimally invasive treatments to help our clients achieve younger-looking skin. These are some of the best age-defying options.

DAXXIFY™: A New Long-Lasting BOTOX® Cosmetic Alternative

One of the most exciting recent developments in facial injectables is DAXXIFY, a longer-lasting anti-wrinkle alternative to BOTOX Cosmetic. The cutting-edge injectable was recently FDA-approved to smooth moderate to severe glabellar lines (or “elevens”).

BOTOX Cosmetic injections are unlikely to go anywhere – they’re a favorite for good reason. However, DAXXIFY results last about six to nine months compared to BOTOX Cosmetic’s three to four, so it’s an excellent alternative if you want fewer treatments each year. DAXXIFY gets the extra staying power from a novel peptide that works as a stabilizer.

Restylane® Lyft for Smoother, Plumper Skin

If volume loss is your main concern, dermal fillers are a great pick. Restylane Lyft is an especially effective treatment for younger-looking skin. This injectable provides instant volume to the cheeks and mid-face while filling in creases (especially nasolabial folds). The hydrating hyaluronic acid continues to moisturize and plump your skin for six months to a year. 

Stimulate Collagen Production with Sculptra® Aesthetic

Sculptra Aesthetic is a little different from other dermal fillers. While most fillers are made with hyaluronic acid, Sculptra Aesthetic is made with poly-L-lactic acid, which stimulates much more collagen production. This essential structural protein keeps your skin firm, smooth, and youthful. 

Unlike most other fillers, Sculptra Aesthetic results take several weeks to show up as your body builds collagen. You’ll see some age-defying effects at around six weeks, with gradual improvements over the next couple of months. Sculptra Aesthetic results are also long-lasting. Some patients see benefits for up to two years.

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If you want to turn back the clock with a quick appointment and no downtime, injectables might be the perfect anti-aging treatment for you. To learn more about what facial injectables could do for your skin’s appearance, call Lasky Skin Center’s Beverly Hills, California practice at 310-556-0119 to book your consultation.

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