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Do Chemical Peels Help with Age Spots?

Age spots are a common skin concern as we grow older. These small, darkened patches of skin are often the result of prolonged sun exposure and can make us look older than we feel. While there are various treatments available to address age spots, chemical peels have gained popularity for their potential to improve the appearance of these unsightly blemishes.

Understanding Age Spots

Before delving into chemical peels, it’s important to understand what age spots are and what causes them. Age spots are pigmented areas of the skin that develop due to the overproduction of melanin. Sun exposure, aging, genetics, and hormonal changes can contribute to age spots.

Can Chemical Peels Help with Age Spots?

The short answer is yes, chemical peels can help with age spots.

Chemical peels work by exfoliating the outermost layer of skin, where age spots are often located. This exfoliation helps break down the excess melanin in the affected areas, gradually reducing the appearance of age spots.

Some chemical peels also increase collagen formation, which keeps the skin firm and young. Age spots may become less noticeable as a result of an improvement in skin tone and texture as a whole.

Chemical peels can be tailored to meet individual needs. A dermatologist or skin care professional can recommend the appropriate type and strength of chemical peel based on the severity of your age spots and your skin type.

Chemical peels typically require multiple sessions for optimal results. Over time, as you undergo a series of treatments, you can expect to see a gradual reduction in the appearance of age spots.

In addition to treating existing age spots, chemical peels can also help prevent new ones from forming by promoting better sun protection habits and encouraging healthier skin turnover.

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While chemical peels can be effective in reducing the appearance of age spots, it’s essential to approach this treatment with realistic expectations. If you’re considering a chemical peel to address age spots, consult with a qualified professional at Lasky Skin Center located in Beverly Hills, CA. Call 310-556-0119 to book an appointment today.

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